Hello Parents and Guardians,

At, Country Faith Church, nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of your children.  That’s why we’ve chosen KidCheck as our children’s check-in solution to bring you the best check-in experience and to allow us to partner with you to keep your children safe.

If you haven’t already created your free account, please click on the link below to get started. Or download the KidCheck Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store to create, manage, and update your account right on your mobile device. You may also access KidCheck tutorials on the right hand of the screen for additional help and information. 
Create your account from the comfort of home; it’s simple and will only take a few minutes.  Creating your account prior will help your first check-in go more quickly so you can get on your way. However, you are able to create a basic account at your first visit to CFC at the KidCheck station. The process is fairly quick and you can finish adding details at a later time!

Once you’ve created your account, simply use your 10 digit phone number to check-in with us.

Additionally, we’re excited to share we will be using KidCheck Express Check-In, which allows you to check-in right from your own phone – no waiting in line, no check-in station! You will need to check in for the first time with your 10 digit phone number at a check-in station. Then after that you can use Express Check-In, using these few simple steps:

  1. Download the KidCheck App (as noted above)
  2. Start check-in on your phone – from home, the car, the parking lot…
  3. Complete check-in upon arrival by tapping the green submit button on your phone
  4. Pick up your printed name tag and guardian receipt labels at the information center

Thank you for your participation.


  • You only need ONE account per family!! If one spouse creates an account please list the other spouse as a guardian in your profile using their phone contact information. Include all people on your guardian list that will have permission to pick up your child(ren).
  • Grandparents- You may create a Kid Check account and list your grandkids under the kids tab IF their parents do not come to church.
  • Parents if your child invites a friend to church you can easily add for the day under the “add a new child” tab.
  • PLEASE upload a photo- not all our teachers/subs know everyone in the church body. This tool helps teachers match faces/profile information to kids and a visual for parents/guardian pick up’s. This is a tool that will help us create stronger personal connections in classrooms and with families.
  • PLEASE list any medical/allergy information. What you type in this category will print on your child’s label. If it is something you do not want to print on the label please leave it blank but connect with Nicky Ubert.
  • You can add a note to the teacher at check in if needed! This is a great tool to help your child have a positive experience and for the teacher to provide best care!
  • Please make sure you have text messaging enabled and phones on silent/vibrate. We will be communicating with parents/guardians via text messaging through our Kid Check program should a need arise during service/class. Reminders will be given before checking in each Sunday.
  • You will need to bring your child(ren) to their classrooms to make sure they go to the right classrooms and to make that personal connection with their teacher.
    • Nursery through our 5k class- the labels will be placed on their clothing on their back (between the shoulder blades is a good location)
    • For ages 1st -6th grade- you may submit the child’s label to the teacher when you drop your child off.
    • Please KEEP your guardian receipt until it is time to pick up. In the event you lose your receipt if a teacher does not know you as an approved guardian they can verify using photo identification in your Kid Check profile or ID.
    • We ask that you go immediately after the service or a Sunday School class to pick up your child(ren) and then we encourage you to visit with friends and family after.
    • 5&6 grade will be the only age group released from a classroom setting without the need to be picked up.
    • You may send your teen who is in 7th grade or above to pick up your child but you MUST list them on your approved guardian pick up page and they will need to have the guardian receipt in order to pick up. Did you know you can print up to 4 guardian receipts if needed (you, your spouse, responsible teen or grandparent, if you are unsure who will pick up?)

On behalf of the CM team we thank you in advance for your timely response setting up your account and your grace as we navigate a new system. If you have any questions at any point please connect with Nicky Ubert.

Ready to set up your account? Start Here!


Account Set-up Instructions - Document Format